Solange- A Seat at the Table

Just plain old good music


In a music world filled with rap beefs, unrecognizable lyrics, women bashing, drug talks, violent threats, and just plain old garbage tracks, there is hope. There is still peace and comfort and great music out there… you just have to dig for it. If you are looking for good music just to chill and vibe to, Solange Knowles gives us life in her new album entitled ‘A Seat At The Table’. The album was released on September 30, 2016 and became Solange’s first number one album on the Billboard 200 In the United States. This is Knowles’ third album and I must say one of my all time favorites.

Solange has always been viewed as “Beyonce’s little sister”, but in this album she shows us that she’s ┬áso much more than that. She gives us culture and reasons to be proud of our African American race and heritage, as well as great, sensual lyrics. Her voice is so light and angelic, and she just takes us all into a place of calm. This is definitely not a skip through album although I have taken to a few favorites on the Album. “Cranes in the Sky”, “Don’t Touch My Hair”, and “Mad” ft Lil Wayne are definitely tracks you’d want to hear. The pop princess not only gives us our morning coffee wake up with this album, but she also adds two creams, sugar and a little whipped cream to finish us off. I give this album a big hand clap of praise and a salute to Solange who shows us what being a strong woman is all about Please, If you haven’t listened to this album at all, I strongly encourage you to. You will not be disappointed!!!

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